07 December, 2005

New Mail???

Hi All, See the following picture and identify which is this New Mail.

Yes, for those of you who have guessed this right - Good! For others, its the new Windows Mail Live Beta. It is rolled out with the new series of WindowsLive. You have to sign in with your existing hotmail/MSN account and register for this. Depending on the request it may take any time between 5 minutes - 30 days. Later you will be using the same account Hotmail/MSN for your email ID. But the look and feel is entirely different. It gives a look and feel of Outlook. Also this comes with a cool offer... 2 GB SPACE.

Yes, for those of you who were complaining Microsoft for the less space for email account this is what Microsoft is providing...

I am really enjoying my time on Windows Mail... If you wanna join then just Logon to WindowsLive with your Hotmail / MSN ID and sign up for the WinMail Beta...

25 October, 2005


"Don't mess with me",
I think this is what the Nature has planned to teach the Human Kind. First in Mumbai and now in South India, esp. Bangalore, can't term it as heavy rains as in Mumbai (Non - Stop) but it is heavy in natural terms... Every evening it starts and it wont end till the midnight or the next day morning. This is what is happening from past few weeks/days.
In between this I am really angry towards some of these top officials of some IT companies in bangalore, when the whole city is under such condition they are worried about their company growth... Its a natural calamity and they are complaining on the government... Its really sad, when the companies in the financial capital can survive after 2 days of shutdown, when the companies in US can run after undergoing the Hurricanes, cant the companies in bangalore withstand the rain? Shame on their parts!!!
Before giving interviews to the media, they must think about the people... Let them imagine themselves in the role of those poor people who have lost their houses in the rains... The company people must not forget that the city is in this state because of them... For their improvement the government had to convert the dry lakes to lands for offices and housing complex.
I really feel that the true bangaloreans have disappeared... Bangaloreans were known for the kindness, their feelings for others... Now the top management people of software companies are more towards their dreams, they dont even care about the workers of their companies...
Now I am feeling... Do we still need to compete for the Silicon Valley of India status, loosing all the Human values...? Comments are really appreciated...

18 October, 2005


If I would be a poet, I would have written a collection of poems,
If I would be a story writer, I would have written lots of stories,
But I am nothing, then how shall I vent out my feelings... I am finding it very difficult to get it out in form of words. I am feeling like a volcano that is waiting to be erupted. Unable to concentrate on anything, work quality has decreased, avoiding talking to people... I donno where it ends... Is this the life? If yes, then why so? Whats the reason?

15 October, 2005


Leaving a job, Joining a new job, New phone connection, New broadband connection and New System.... Wondering what's this??? Yes, this has been my highlights of what I did in the last 1.5 months and also few of the reasons for me not to update the blog. I did not have the connection to update my blogs. Rarely could I check my emails...

  • I left Poseidon, as my contract period came to an end.
  • I joined Mphasis, I am in the HP team, it such a lovely atmosphere, I am one among the 10 people working on a Framework project. The development is taking Place on .NET :)
  • I was just bugged by the slow speed of my previous broadband, I decided to shift to BSNL Broadband (DataOne). The speed is really awesome... It has been 20 days since I got the net connection, I have downloaded loads of presentation and softwares.
  • My old system was just unable to cope up with the incoming traffic. It just went down one day :( so I had to invest on a new machine. I finally took a Intel 915 GAV, Pentium 4 (3.00 GHz), I GB RAM, 160 GB SATA Hard drive system.I have been working on WinCe and WinXPe since I got my new system and i've gained pretty good knowledge about the development and deployment of WinCE. As of now I have not deployed the WinXPe image :(

During this gap of about 2 months I saw the birth of a new blogger my cousin: Padma, Blogs of two of my friends who were blogging from a long time came to my notice: Shasa and Estel...

The most wonderful photo I ever saw was: PhotoFriday by Deepak... I have no words to tell about this photo...

I am hoping to be more active on the blogs, but... Time will tell...

(P.S - I started this blogpost on 8th Oct, had written only 2 lines... Completing on 16th i.e 8 days after I started. I have become so Lazy... :( )

24 August, 2005

Google Desktop, Google Talk, Blogger Addin for Word And...

Hmm... Sounds interesting... Google has come out with two new softwares...
  1. Google Desktop
  2. Google Talk

Even for blogspot now we can post from Microsoft Word using the new Add-in for MS Word -> Blogger for Word. And here I give the snapshots of all the above three softwares running on my system...

1. 2. 3.

In the order...

  1. Google Desktop Sidebar,
  2. Google Talk,
  3. Blogger toolbar in Microsoft Word.

Now the real And... (In the heading).. To begin with I'll give some clues...

  • This happened 10 years ago,
  • It created a revolution in the history of computers,
  • Begin of a new era in computing,
  • A new OS was launched...

Congrats to all you people who guessed it right... Yes! Ten years from today (24th August 1995) Windows 95 was launched.

And today we have the next operating system, Windows Vista (formerly codename: Longhorn) in its Beta.

Let me just give you the timeline of the Windows Desktop Operating Systems..

Windows GUI Desktop OS Timeline

Three Cheers! to Microsoft

23 August, 2005

New Electronic Goods....

Last week has been a very lucky week for us (Me and My Sister). Both of us got 1 new electronic item each. My uncle got me a new digital camera - Kodak CX7300. Its really nice. Now I need to buy the batteries.Then after few days my photoblog will be kept updated... My sister was still more lucky. She had participated in the Pogo TV MAD Quiz around 4 months ago. And she has won the first prize -> Sony Playstation 2. It can be used as a DVD Player also. 3 cheers! to my sister.

Long Time...

I feel its been longtime since I have blogged. Because I have so many things to write and now I am feeling what should I blog and what not. OK let me just highlight few things. In the past one month... The No. of interviews/tests I attended: 4 The No. of calls I got to proceed to second round: 4 The No. of places I got selected: 3 The No. of places I rejected the offer: 2
  1. Written Test - Oracle Corporation (24th July 2005) The company where I was called for the written test is Oracle. We were invited to write a test for the job of Technical Support Engineer. Out of 250, 21 were selected for the second round. I was the 12th person. Even at the time of written test we were not informed clearly that the test was called for a post of Technical Support Engineer. The only thing which we were informed was we were writing the test for the post in ISC (India Support Centre). I immedietly came to know the profile of the job, whereas few other people (I wont mention the name) were thinking that it was for a development centre job. The next day we were called for the interview in different slots, mine was the 3rd slot from 11:00 - 11:30. By the time I reached the office it was 10:30 and still the interview had not started for the first batch. We waited long when finally the 1st person was called inside the interview hall @ 11:45. When he went inside the interview room, he was explained the profile of job. Immedietly he came out of the room and told all the others about this. Then the whole chaos started. Many were confused to whether to take up this job or not. There were lots of calls made, lots of discussion and finally out of 30 who had come for the interview 15 left and 15 remained. I was one of the persons who remained. Others were Prashanth (My Classmate), Prakash (From Pondicherry), Somesh, Suresh, Moyank (Sorry if I have mispelt), Sheetal, Shilpa Sharma. We all were made to sit in a room (Discussion room) from where we were called one by one for the interview.It was almost 1:00 when sheetal was called inside and then we were waiting. We got a call around 1:15 that it was lunch time and we were told to go out of campus to th nearest hotel for lunch. By the time we were back (@2:00) sheetal was back at her seat. When we asked her what was she asked, she told about the basic questions. In the same way around 10 people were called randomly and then around 5:30 PM I was called inside,with just some basic introduction the interview started. I went on for 1.5 - 2 hours and I never felt that it was so long...By the time I came back 3 other people had already finished the interview and few of them were told already that they were rejected. After around 5-10 minutes of waiting I was told that I was shortlisted for the next round, which was supposed to be conducted the same day. We waited till 9:30 and we were told that we need to go the next day. I was called at 9:00 in the morning. I reached there at about Quarter to Nine. I was called inside the interview room at around 9:15 (Again Delay). By this time I was thinking about how will these people maintain time. In this round of interview 1 person(I wont mwntion his name) was sort of not happy with me, he just went on blaming my thinkings and ideologies, blaming my nature, my approach to life. At that moment itself I came to know that I was not selected. That came to an end of my job @ Oracle. (LATEST UPDATE 23rd August 2005: My friend Prashanth got selected and will be joining from day after tomorrow i.e. 25th August 2005)
  2. Interview 1 - Sapient Corporation (16th July 2005) This is first ever interview call I got and I was called for this job through a consultant called DSI Software. The job profile was Content Migration. First there was an elimination round where they asked us to do some work on Microsoft Word. It was really an easy thing and became like a cake walk for me. Then there was an interview with the Project Manager. Here I was told that this was for only a period of 3 months. And I had accepted at that moment and hence I got My First Job. Then due to some reasons I could not make it to the company on August 1st. However I had reffered my friends Gayathri and Deepak who are now working at Sapient.
  3. Interview 2 - Mphasis BFL (23rd July 2005) Even this job I was called through a consultant who had seen my profile on the web (Naukri.com or Monster.com), I was called for an interview which was for experienced people.All the persons who had come over there had an experience of about 2-3 years. The interviews were expected to start at 9:00 and were started at 9:00 (Good Time Keeping! 3 Cheers to Mphasis) and I was called for the first round at 9:15 - 9:20. This was a very very casual round where I was supposed to tell about myself, strengths, weekness etc... And after this I was called in for the 2nd round. This was a bit technical where I was asked questions from C,C++,.NET... And finally I was called for the 3rd round. It was around 12:30 when I went in for the 3rd round. Here I was asked to explain 2 of my projects. I completed this successfully. Then was the HR round. Here I was told that this job was for experienced people... And when I asked about the package they discussed and asked what I expected.. I said above 13k/month (Biggest Mistake in my life...) and they said they will give me only 13K a month. They wanted me to join on 16th August itself but I said that I can do so only by the beginning of september. Finally they agreed right now I have a job in my hand which I will take up from september 5th.
  4. Group Discussion + Interview - Subex Systems (8th August 2005) I was told that Subex needs people for Client Support. So with a set of 13 people I went to the group discussion on 8th of August at their Head Office. After this round only 3 of us (All Student Champs and Ambassadors) were shortlisted and we were called for the second round on 11th August. This time there happened a big confusion. My other 2 friends were made to write a test assuming them to be candidates for development (without any prior notification) and later when questioned they got a reply that they were suitable for a development job. (A big Communication Gap). Then I was the only person to be interviewed. Nothing much technical I made it to the next round and was informed to go back the next day (12th August). On this day I cleared the second round of interview and then I also had the HR round. The HR round was pretty simple.They said they will get back to me by 16th or 17th. But I was told that I was selected only on 20th August and was told to collect the Offer letter on 22nd. When I went yesterday they said there was a bond to be signed for 2 years. I had to reject that offer.
With this I have completed the story of my last month and this month w.r.t my PLACEMENTS. There are other post lying in the draft section which will be updated shortly. (I started this article was started on 11th August and completing after 12 days) (P.S. The views expressed on this weblog are mine. There is no intention to pin point anyone's mistake. If the same people are reading this then I ask you sorry if I've hurt your feelings, Even the allegations (if any) on a person/company is made it is not to be considered seriously)

19 July, 2005

Ego Search

I was just surfing today, I thought let me do an EGO Search, The results, you check it out. I will paste the screenshot which I got when I did this.

So thought let me post this online so that everyone can just check about themself.

Signing off..